Aujourd'hui un post simple illustrant seulement l'un de mes titres favoris du groupe "The Cardigans" que je vous fait partager.Voici donc Losers que vous pouvez retrouver dans la play-liste du blog.

free music

Voici les paroles:

"First band on moon [#8]"

Look at all these losers
You find them everywhere
They're fucked up and annoying
But somehow you seem to care
It's easier to laugh
But something makes you stick around
You can't watch from above
And keep your ten toes in the sand

You wish that you were special
I'm just like you

Close your eyes
That'll be the day you'll find those lies
Fold your ears
That'll be the day that you will hear
That'll be the day you
Get back home

It's lonely to be strange
And you would never tell
That you're one of these itches
You know it much too well
Losers are your weakness
They will always touch your heart
You're touching me as well
'Cause I have always been a part

You wish that you were special
I'm just like you

Et "Paroles de Chansons"

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